Multithreaded Adaptive Optics Simulator

Multi-Thread Adaptive Optics Simulator (MAOS) is an end-to-end adaptive optics system simulator that is capable to simulate many kinds of astronominal adaptive optics systems, including conventional single conjugate AO (SCAO), multi-conjugate AO (MCAO), laser tomography AO (LTAO), multi-object AO (MOAO), and ground layer AO (GLAO). Please follow the following links for relevant information.

AO4ELT2 Paper on MAOS

Some benchmarking results using the TMT NFIRAOS (30 m aperture, 6 LGS, dual order 60x60 DM):

  • Dual Intel Xeon W5590 at 3.33 Ghz: 1.3 s per time step with 8 threads.
  • Intel Core i7-2600 at 3.4 Ghz: 1.9s per time step with 4 threads.
  • Intel Core i7-2600 at 3.4 Ghz: 1.67s per time step with 8 hyper threads (4 physical cores).
  • Nvidia GTX 580 GPU: 0.2s per time step
  • 8x Nvidia GTX 580 GPU: 0.03s per time step
Lianqi Wang at TMT International Observatory

The source code can be obtained in